Hello everyone!

 Lia here , Owner and Founder of LTDESIGNSSS, a Graphic Designer with a big passion for Sports Logos and Sports Identity Design.

Born and Raised in Romania but moved to UK in the early 2013 , now residing in South West, Wales.

Art and sports have always been in my life. I played soccer and handball from a very young age up until University , where I attended to study Physical Education and Sports .After 2 years decided to stop and follow my passion , Graphic Design. 

The following years have been very rewarding and that’s when LTDESIGNSSS was born. Since 2014 I’ve been helping Companies , Sport Teams, Sport Clubs and People in the Gaming Community , from all over the world,  bring their vision to life and still continuing to do so today. 

No project is too big or too small,  so please feel free to contact me in regards to your ideas or even just to say Hello.

                                                               Kind Regards,                                                                             Lia.